Logan Furniture delivered my bed with a big hole in it, and won't give refund

Boston, Massachusetts 1 comment

This store is a *** HOLE! This place is run by extremely RUDE and UNETHICAL people.

I would even call them uncivilized barbarians. They sold me a bed with a big hole in it! When I saw the bed at delivery I was completely shocked, and they were not even ashamed of delivering it! It looked like a really angry worker had smashed a chunk of steel into it!

When I called for full refund, the manager SHOUTED at me saying " I am the seller and I make the rules!

You are just a customer and you follow it!" I cannot believe these words came out of a human mouth!

NEVER NEVER NEVER go to this *** hole. Every time I look at my bed I feel the utmost anger!

Review about: Bed.

Monetary Loss: $100.


Boston, Massachusetts, United States #678148

The manager named by Kahlil is arrogant and the store should close forever. The worst place to buy stuff.

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